It’s the threat to reveal intimate images

to get you to do something you don’t want to do

Stop sextortion before it starts

Sextortion is a new thing, but…

You’re not alone

You can handle this!

5 things to do today

Take control

If you’re asked to share something that makes you uncomfortable, you have a right to say no, even if you already shared something with them before.

Talk with someone you trust

Text ‘THORN’ to 741741 and immediately speak with a trained Crisis Text Line counselor. Here’s how it works. Tell someone. A close friend, teacher, counselor, or parent. Sextortion sucks, and people going through it are usually pretty scared to tell their friends. Today, right now, tell your closest friends if this ever happens to them, you’ll be there, you won’t judge, you have their back!

Report Sextortion

Tech companies can help you remove images and in some cases, remove the threats. This handy guide will walk you through reporting on many major platforms.

* Important!

If you are under 18, speak up (even if your profile has a different age). It helps companies to know that you’re legally still a minor.

Don’t forward pics

This one is really simple—if somebody sends you a sexual image of somebody else, DO NOT share it. It’s not up to you to decide who should see their body, so don’t forward the image to anyone.

PROTIP: You might be considered legally responsible if you forward these images

Celebrate your friends

Sextortion can lead to bullying and make people feel really alone. Make your friends feel great by telling them what’s unique about them—and why you love it!


You can also join a community of people fighting online harassment at HeartMob and send supportive messages to victims of sextortion and other kinds of harrassment.


The reason I didn’t want to speak up is because I was afraid of what the adults in my life might think of me. I thought it was all my fault and I figured that’s what they would tell me.

Female, 17, responding to Thorn survey

Tell someone you trust about the situation. It is a tough thing to go through alone, let alone dangerous. Especially since many of us are at a young age when we go through it, it’s wise to go through it with people older who can handle it with you.

Male, 14, responding to Thorn survey

You trusted someone and they let you down. Don't blame yourself.

Female, 17, responding to Thorn survey
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Safety in the digital age is new. Chances are kids feel more comfortable navigating digital communities than adults, without knowing enough to stay safe. The following resources have been curated to help adults learn how to support kids.